Get Your Green Monster On

I have certainly found evident truth that if you try to change what you eat every day, you can see a dramatic decrease in cravings. Rocket science or what?! You confuse your body so those pesky snacks you always have a hankering for at a certain time of day are gone — well, almost. Now if you are someone who has to, has to have cereal everyday, that’s OK, try to make sure you switch up your brands is all. The darhlin’s over at Ladies Home Journal Health tipped me off to a sweet article on “The Psychology of Food Cravings:Where do food cravings come from? Many research studies suggest that mental imagery may be a key component of food cravings — when people crave a specific food, they have vivid images of that food

This week my goal was to not have the same thing each day. It was a touch on the difficult side, but I channeled frustration into creativity. Recipes are everywhere, and hopefully you’ve found a few sites you like. I like blogs because typically you get a pic and a legit story on the difficulty level of the recipe. I have found a few recipes that are staples to a foodie but are brand spankin’ new to a novice like myself.

Yesterday I attempted a first. Heard of a green monster? No, not the wall at Fenway. It’s a spinach smoothie. Gasp! I can picture Norak rolling those eyes now. Seemed easy enough, few ingredients and a simple game of ‘will it blend’.

For my “Virgin Green Monster” I used:

2 handfuls of spinach
1 banana
1/4 cup berries
Sprinkle of cinnamon
Ice & Water


Mean Lil Monster


But will it blend?!

Stare Drink


Verdict, it was my first so it’s only up from here, right? Clearly my green monster was not feeling well as it has a darker shade of purple, complements of Trader Joes’s blend o’ berries. Our very own Nutritioneer had the “are you HIGH, Claire” look on his face for sure. But in the end, I got a “not bad…too much cinnamon.” Blerg.

Applause and kudos to Oh She Glows because oh she pretty much rocks and has started an entire Green Monster Movement. Thus she was the inspiration for me even knowing what these monsters were about. Look out Doozers.

If you have monstrously delish version I should try, hit me up. Otherwise I’d like to know what was the best thing you made to eat this week!

This weekend we are attempting a quick travel jaunt to MI (aka the Mitten state). Testing the waters of the hub’s new job with a suhweet airline company. Hope to have pictures for y’all Monday.

4 responses to “Get Your Green Monster On

  1. Last saturday I made my first green smoothie with Amazing Grass. I was totally repulsed by the idea of it, but I’m actually loving them now. I like either 1 heaping tbsp of classic Amazing Grass or two packed cups of spinach + a frozen banana + fresh blueberries and a splash of almond milk. They get better as you try different varieties.

  2. WOW, i’m jealous of your green monster! I’ve wanted to try one for a while, but I don’t have a blender. Do you think it would work with a food processor?? What about using frozen spinach?? So many ways to experiment!

    I do have a super awesome juicer which I use all the time. My fav juice to make has: apples, carrots, beets, broccoli, ginger and a bit of lemon. Its amaaaazing and seriously worth the investment to get a higher end juicer. Then you don’t have to cut anything up – i just put whole apples in there!

    • Haa, ooh no need to be jealous there’s a little purple/green/brown monster in all of us. Food processor is probably smarter than my blender, I had to press that stuff down. I am all for trying new things, so by all means do the frozen bc I have bag in my freezer I could use.

      OK, a juicer sounds smart and definitely strategic if you’re looking to cut time and not waste anything – actually really good to know.

      If you try the frozen spinach you better tell me how it goes:)

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