Yoga: That’s some fancy stretching y’all!

Downward Don't. Yoga-A-Go-Go.

Surriously. If you met my father “fancy stretching” is something straight out of his mouth. In the evenings (all 3 of them so far) I have been attempting to “yoga.” There are plenty of sites touting the benefits and explanation behind this ancient art-form, besides those hawt pants you get to wear. I have heard more about Pilates being ideal for runners, and low and behold a dude named Joseph Pilates invented Pilates to rehabilitate injured soldiers after World War I. And now you know.

iVillage has a great breakout of “Which is Better, Yoga or Pilates?”:
Generally speaking, I think it’s fair to say yoga is more about how it makes you feel while Pilates is about how you look — how you carry yourself and move. So if you’re looking for a limbering, rejuvenating workout that will provide as much of a lift for your brain as your body — and you’re not too concerned about building muscle –I’d recommend yoga. If you’re interested in a more dynamic system of muscle conditioning — or if you just want to try something new and different — Pilates may be the answer.

And now I want to do Pilates, alas I digress. I understand the importance of yoga and definitely think it worth a whirl, downward dog or whatevs.

With yoga, I was shocked at how quickly my heart-rate was up during some of these moves, and if I had been patient I am sure there would have possibly been a sweat broken. I still feel like an idiot “posing,” or maybe it’s more Patrick Swayze doing Jiu-Jitsu by the lake in Road House.

I was pleased as punch with Women’s Health Magazine yoga guide. Hoping soon I can learn the flows so it’s not read, pose, flip page, repeat. Now I guess I’ll start digging around for Pilates info.

*And for the weekly Nutritioneer challenge, no gum OR sweets so far (yep, that’s one full day if you’re counting).

If there are yoga rights of passage, I’m all splits ears. And dying to know what Pilates tips or manuals are avail out there!



2 responses to “Yoga: That’s some fancy stretching y’all!

  1. Popped in to say hi! I’m glad I found your post–I’m a runner recovering from an injury and had been looking into trying pilates for more flexibility!

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