Aruba, Ariba – Bonbini One Happy Island

Halo from Aruba! Cheers!

Halo! Aruba was – in short – fantastic. We swam, danced, floated and drank that island dry. I traveled with my hubs and parents. I know what you’re thinking, “Parents?!” Um, I encourage all y’all to try it. My parents have been to Aruba a few times before, and while at times it was like being with someone who had already seen a movie you were trying to watch, they knew all the tricks to make sure we squeezed every ounce of fun and adventure out of the week.

We stayed at the fabulous Marriott – complete with swim up bars and lazy river b*tches! The resorts around the Marriott were equally posh and gorgeous, but Andrew and I managed to find the less-touristy parts of the beach to snorkel and play around.

Maybe that Beach Boys song was on to something.

Andrew @ the Natural Pool

For the record: Aruba (pronounced /əˈruːbə/ ə-ROO-bə) is a 33-kilometre (21 mi)-long island of the Lesser Antilles in the southern Caribbean Sea, located 27 kilometres (17 mi) north of the coast of Venezuela. Danke Wikipedia.

Aruba, by the numbers:
2 – cases of Heineken/Balashi (the local beer) consumed
3 – nights spent dining on the beach with our feet in the sand
20 – floats down the Marriott lazy river
3 – trips to Dunkin Donuts for “proper” coffee

When in Aruba...

1 – attempt to scuba with a regulator
4 – hours on a morning booze cruise, complete with snorkel stop at a sunken WWII freighter
Too – many Mimosas on the morning cruise
4 – Cuban cigars smoked (not inhaled)
6 – ATVs in our island tour, only one couple fell off (yes, it was tragically awesome)

S.S. Muwah

30 – minutes spent splashing in a natural pool
50 – SPF used after day 1
2 – maracas shaken on our Party Bus
3 – bites of pig vagina at a local dive bar (they told me the bits were french fries)
13- hours the power in our hotel was out, which made for an interesting day to say the least
30 – iguanas seen lounging around the pools

Happy Hour, thumbs up

70 – mph wind gusts (can we say ponytail, ladies?)
5 – days of happy hour with Bart the bartender and the best (and cheapest) happy hour on the island
Aladacolads – let’s just say if it ended in “olda” or “aiquiri” I consumed it
2 – of the best parents EVER to travel with

Pre-Party Bus Fiasco

Alas, the vacation is over but it’s nice to get back to a routine. I honestly attempted to be as mobile and adventurous as possible, but it was sweet to only have to swim up to a bar every afternoon.

Vacation, especially one without phone and e-mail, has given me the motivation to be stronger in a physical and mental capacity. The worthwhile books I had time to read have given me dozens of inspirational posts, expect more on that later this week.

Hope everyone has a chance to get away this summer, even if it’s just a weekend. Most of all, I encourage us all to unplugged at least for a few hours a week. Easier said than done, I know, but something that is good for the soul.

Any fun trips planned for Memorial Day?


2 responses to “Aruba, Ariba – Bonbini One Happy Island

  1. vacation is amazing!!! I live at the beach so sometimes I get really tired of it, but going to a fresh vacation beach would be awesome! I love your numbers hahaha!

    for memorial day I’m in my best girl friend’s wedding 🙂

  2. What stunningly gorgeous photos! And I can’t imagine better vacation reading than Runner’s World’s Women’s Guide to Running—while lots of the info is obvious stuff you thought you already knew, it’s always nice to have your good habits affirmed.

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