Get to Running Right

Running Bible

Greetings from Aruba! We’ve been going like crazy, can’t wait to share pics and such. There’s even been a little swimming involved.

While I’m here I have been reading an AMAZING book – Runner’s World: Complete Book of Women’s Running, by Dagny Scott Barrios. This book will have copious amounts of yellow marker highlights.

I feel the need to reiterate how important it is to have a solid pair of running shoes. It’s an investment. Your feet are your soul, and the only true equipment you need to survive in running. After thinking I knew the ropes when picking up my second pair of shoes recently, I realized I forgot the basics. For beginners or pros, there are a few rules of the land you should follow when selecting the best pair of kicks:
1. Running shoes must fit your profile and your needs. This is one chance to pick out something where your girlfriend or boyfriend’s opinion doesn’t matter.
2. Get to a running speciality store for your purchase. Avoid sporting good stores because the staff are most likely less trained than the experts. (In Atlanta, I highly recommend Big Peach Running Co.)
3. Be prepared to spend at least $80. You may have to pony up to get the right pair of shoes, but you’ll have them for 300 – 400 miles — worth every penny for a priceless fit.
4. Look at your last pair of sneakers and see how you wore them down. This can identify your running profile. Lay them on a table and see if they wobble or lay flat.
5. Go big. Apply the “rule of thumb finger.” You should be going up at least a half-size more in a running shoe than your normal dress shoe. You need about a finger’s width of space between the tip of your toe and the tip of your shoe. If you don’t leave enough room, you should plan on inquiring about pedicure discounts when you only have 9 out of 10 nails. Ugly truth, I know.

Those are a few tips to keep in mind when picking out your running sneaks. Get excited about the investment, it’s a lot of run. And definitely look for a speciality store with experts that can talk to you more, even put you on a treadmill, and ensure you’re getting the distance out of your pair.

Have a favorite pair of running kicks? And any other things to keep in mind when looking for a new pair of running shoes?

2 responses to “Get to Running Right

  1. I completely agree that buying running shoes is an investment, not the latest sale in Nike/Saucony/New Balance, so make sure the shoe is what you want! I have a few additional things to keep in mind with buying running shoes…
    1. don’t choose the shoe based on color or patterns. Give up the desire to match shoe color with your running outfit…you would rather be able to run (with the cool running outfit and mismatched shoes) than not run because the shoe you bought isn’t the “right pair”.
    2. run on the treadmill after you buy them to really test them out. Jogging around the store doesn’t cut it…if you find out that something is poking into your toe during the treadmill run, you can always return the shoe (again, it is an investment, so don’t waste your money!)

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