I’ve got a lot of fond memories of that dog.

Aruba Jamaica oh I want to take ya! I am pleased to announce that this one will be on vacation next week. To Aruba we go. Norak, Daddy-o and Andrew. Should be good times, anywhere out of the country tends to be.

Dr. Indiana Jones

Hardest part about leaving is not being able to take our pup Dr Indiana Jones with us. I don’t think I’ve told y’all about our baby yet. “Indy” is our five-year-old Jack Russell. He’s awesome. And yes, we named him after the “Indiana Jones” movie. Everyone remember the scene: “I like ‘Indiana.’…We named the *dog* Indiana.” The extra special part about Indy, he’s deaf. Or according to Andrew, “He’s all the way deaf.” He was like that from birth so he doesn’t know any better. We didn’t know any better until he was a few weeks old. For the longest, we thought he was stubborn and a very heavy sleeper.

I am sure you have lots of questions. Here are a few we typically get:
– Can he bark? Yes, he’s deaf not mute.
– How do you call him? We have organized a few common hand gestures that signal to him so he knows when he’s been good or bad. The older he gets, the better he is at recognizing our moods.
– Does he know when someone comes in or leaves a room? Heck yes. The other four senses on this dog are so heightened you can’t fart without Indy knowing about it (sorry honey). He feels vibrations from the ground and wind.

Looks like he hears something!

We have our amazing friends caring for the baby. It’s kind of hard when you have to tell someone, “Indy isn’t crated, he’ll be sleeping with you.” But Indy is crazy lovable and enjoys sitting right on top of you — guess because he likes to keep tabs on all of us. He’s a monster too, so I’m sure you’ll hear a story or two (or 100) about him getting into something.

Back to my original thought, Aruba. Most beach vacations include my tush, sand, towel and laying out. This time though I am excited about snorkeling, swimming (eek) and maybe even paddle-boarding of some sort. Active vacation Barbie. And I can tell you who I’m not flying to Aruba! “What is Emirates” for $500! No offense airline, but how much are your ticket agents making to slip people on board, no luggage, one-way ticket, cash payment. First time we pull the passenger off, shame on “US” second time, shame on you! Maybe they thought the no-fly list was like an opt-in.

Looking forward to some much needed relaxation and catching up on drinking reading. Tot ziens!

Swim Along with Snorks, er Dorks


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