North & South Tour de Georgia

This weekend turned out to be busier than I had thought, but in a good way. I was dragging serious a** on Friday and had to hang in there for Andrew’s MBA adult prom gala. The evening event was spectacular, featuring a beautiful venue, top-shelf liquor and delish catering. The event was held at the newly renovated Atlanta Botanical Gardens, gorgeous! It’s May in Atlanta and having a night with no bugs or humidity is somewhat unheard of, but we took full advantage of the patio. Andrew’s been busting his tail at school and it was fantastic to meet his amazing colleagues. End of semester celebration was a success. My head hit the pillow the second we got in the door. Lameola.

Saturday I couldn’t get up and out the door for a run fast enough. When you aren’t training for something in the emanate future my body feels more relaxed and running seems more leisurely. I oddly enough grabbed a graham cracker and a smidgen of Nutella for my fuel and the hour flew by. My pace felt stronger too.

The morning run was followed by a jaunt to North Georgia to visit nanny. Twas a Saturday with the ladies, Norak and Nanny that is. Who doesn’t want to spend an afternoon gift shopping at Cracker Barrel. I think I covered myself for a couple of Mother’s Day.

Los Bravos

Saturday evening Andrew made a ridic Mahi Mahi, it was awesome awesome. Mayweather and Mosley fight. Bed. My body has been straight up exhausted this week and it was screaming for sleep. I had to give in.

Sunday’s can be pretty standard but a pal’s 30th birthday throwdown ITP made it an amazing day. We headed into Atlanta for brunch followed by a Braves game. Showing up to a house filled with bagels and lox, Mimosas, Bloody Mary’s, fresh fruit, smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and homemade blackberry cobbler…does it get any better? The spread was out of control. Best tailgate. Braves topped of the day with a solid win. I have the gorgeous farmer’s tan to prove how lovely an afternoon it was at the stadium.

Sunday evening consisted of wine and grilling out. Done and done.

How was y’alls weekend?! Anybody getting some crazy weather this week?

Getting our Weber on.

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