What Am I Running To? Weekly Playlist Must-Haves

Never be afraid to let an old school throwback jam find its way to your iPod.

My iHome has woken me up every morning this week to Stereophonics – Superman. Yea, try to hit snooze over that rock.

This week my rotation has been:
– Winner: Justin Timberlake & Jamie Foxx (cheesy, but it works)
– Akon: Sexy Bitch (when he curses I feel like people know I am listening to a bad song)
– Requiem for a Dream (makes you feel like you could run friggin Everest)
– Don’t Cha: Pussycat Dolls (tragic, but so enjoyable)
– Keep the Car Running: Arcade Fired (good, steady beat)

Tune it up.


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