Weekend Warrior

Mona & Lisa

Last night was a riot! I spent the evening with my lady friends and took part in “Sips & Strokes.” How inappropriate does that sound, right?! Basically you bring adult beverages and paint a picture along with an instructor. This was destined to be interesting because I have a super hard time taking directions, and that’s before I have alcohol. Well worth a taking a course, even if for the sole reason that I had an excuse to spend time with my besties. And check out this Mona Lisa b*tches. Micohellangelo. Somewhere Mikey is crying – sorry bro! Please note, we were suppose to draw a sunflower. I went rogue.

that sunflower on the right is what I should have been doing.

If that’s not enough, we hit up McDonald’s beforehand and I had already eaten a filling fruit roll-up (tortilla w/ fruit and PB) so I didn’t buckle under the pressure for a fry, although they did  smell good. Instead, I opted for something I haven’t had in years!

McNom. Best part of the cone is the bottom.

And now it’s Friday! Friday is by far my favorite day of the week. I know that some people still have to work, but it’s the fact that you know you have the whole weekend ahead of you that I love.

Wish I was back in Nashville this weekend, but we’re home and there are a full couple of days ahead. Andrew and I have adult prom this weekend – MBA gathering. What’s a girl to wear, seriously. I should also probably attempt to pack since we are heading out of the country in a week.

Willy My Wonka

During the week I try to keep to a pretty standard routine. I rarely break a morning workout, typically always shoot five for five. I enjoy bringing my breakfast, lunch and snacks to work so I rarely give-in to eating out or office treats (which can be a real b). Come about, oh 5 PM Friday, suddenly it’s the weekend of “I’ve earned it, let’s destroy all that hard work in a few hours.” It’s like the doors flew open in a free candy factory.

My weekend habits are a testament that breaking years of bad nutrition is hard. This weekend I am going to do everything in my power to try to not go bonkers. I always make room for indulging, but sometimes I go out of my mind because I am bored.

I am using a few tips from Fitness Magazine’s Weekend-Proof Your Diet “3-Day Game Plan” and we’ll see how I fair. You listening chocolate and ice cream?!

If you can relate, let’s hear it!

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