Cardio Circuit: Running, Riding and Rowing

I would run every day, but my body isn’t a huge fan of that routine. A runner’s body is made up of more than legs. It’s critical you work your core and strengthen your full body. We can talk lifting later.

In order to break the monotony and continue to build muscle, I partake in cycling or rowing at least two or three times a week. Andrew (and le Tour) turned me on to cycling, which is why I  am so tempted to try a tri.

le Tour es le Awesome

A few reason from Women’s Health to saddle up:
– Torches Calories
– Tones You All Over
– Saves Your Joints
– Every Muscle Feels It
– Protects Your Ticker
* You could even be bold and do spinning!

Reasons to Row, Row, Row Your Machine:
– No pressure on your knees and ankles
– Good to substitute on days off from running
– Increases upper body strength
* If it’s your first time rowing, be mindful of your form or your lower back will make you pay. Don’t arch! It should be a fluid motion as the legs push and the arms pull.

If you feel up for a run, by all means, have at it. Switching up my routine helps my overall training process and adds a bit of variety to your weekly schedule.

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