Mikey Likey: The Cereal Bowl

Have I mentioned that I have an older brother? Ah, how could I forget. Mikey and I our opposites – we should leave it at that. One similarity, we are equally witty and quick. Our parents hate it when we are all in the same room; nobody is safe from ridicule. He teaches me to not take things too seriously, as I tend to have a flair for the dramatics.

Mikey Likey: Three Sheets

Meet Mikey: Fantastic artist. Has more movies than Blockbuster. Resides in Orlando. Sport of choice is Ultimate Frisbee (that sums up our athletic connection). Owner of two honking big bulldogs. Luuuuhves beer, followed closely by the Simpsons. There is more dirt on Mikey over at this website.

You’ll be getting doses of “Mikey Likey” every once and a while. He is our in-house expert on all things random. The stipulation to featuring a “Mikey Likey,” Mikey has to like it. Sounds simple, but if I give him ideas or share things I think he might like, it doesn’t count.

Capisce? OK. With that, I give you the inaugural Mikey Likey.

When I asked for yummy breakfast recipes I should have known better. Have y’all seen The Cereal Bowl? Cerealsly, it’s a national chain of cereal cafes, where customers can create their own cereal creations from over 35 cereals & 35 toppings, full coffee & espresso bar, cereal baked goods, oatmeal smoothies, and more.

It’s gotta be hard finding someone who doesn’t enjoy cereal. I was the kid that ate all the oats and left the marshmallows for one big spoonful of sugar at the end. MMM, morning diabetic coma. I know I’d end up topping my masterpiece with caramel, marshmallows, sprinkles…the sugar-confetti works.

Move over Waffle House and IHOP, breakfast has a new cousin. This unique spin on cereal can draw a crowd. They are looking to expand the franchise and should they bless Atlanta with their presence, I most certainly would have to try this out.

Get in my face.

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