Five Reasons for 5AM

First off, I am not a morning person. I am a forced to be reckoned with before coffee.

Secondly, getting up that early is not as awful as everyone makes it out to be. If you have no other choice sometimes than to get-up to get-in your workout, you push yourself harder.

Things that make 5:10 AM a reality:
1. Knowing at 6:10 PM I will still be at work kicking myself for not already having my workout done.
2. Sleeping in means I spend an extra 40 min in traffic. I’d rather avoid the commuters.
3. I am much happier and mentally focused at work.
4. Knowing that when I hit the snooze on my alarm people are already on treadmills.
5. Keeps a consistency in my routine.


One response to “Five Reasons for 5AM

  1. I never thought it would come to this, but I really enjoy waking up at 5:15 AM for a run. Even if the run is lousy, my head is clear and I know something’s been accomplished for the day.

    If only I’d known this back in college. 🙂

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