“Half Marathon? You Half Crazy Fool!” Take 2

It was about a year ago that I made the decision to get serious about actually ponying up and doing a race or even a half marathon. I signed up for my first half marathon around July, it took a few months to truly convince myself I was game for the challenge. Seeing events like the Olympics or Tour de France cloud my head, and when you see athletes push their bodies to the absolute limit, you have to wonder why you sometimes can’t summon the energy for a quick jog.

Training to do something is where things get interesting. Athletes have the mecca of equipment, trainers, chef, etc to help them stay on their “A” game. Did that sound whiny? It all boils down to the commitment you make to yourself. There will always be a reason why you can’t do something and it’s looking at those reasons and saying, “bite me,” and get on with it.

I signed up for my second half marathon in December and it’s finally here. This weekend I’ll aim to beat my PR at the Nashville Country Music Marathon. Yee haw y’all! Nashvegas is awesome and I am pumped to be running in the city and alongside the river, better than the asphalt of Atlanta. Another HUGE plus-up is that my Nutrioneer is running it too! It’s going to be great to have him there with me, although I hope he doesn’t mess with my pace – I hate it when he’s faster. It will be a different race because I have expectations, but I hope to keep calm, focused and kick a**.

The not so good news, this time I’ll have some serious weather to compete against. We are talking more than raindrops, it could get nasty with lighting and hail. Hard not to let that get into your head.

If you are thinking about a race, 5k or 10K+, do it. It’s so worth the adrenalin and training. Runner’s World site has some great tools to get you started and they even have a Half-Marathon Special.  Don’t look at the practice schedules unless you’re near a trash can. Sweet jeebus.


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