Geared Up and Geeked Out

There are two things in life that I am fairly adamant about having name-brand: jeans and purses. My designer tragic flaw. When it comes to running attire I realized that all my favorite items were also falling into one brand, Nike.

We all know that Nike is an iconic symbol that most athletes recognize like the Polo emblem. I honestly enjoy all of Nike’s athletic gear. In fact I am head to toe Nike, including my gym bag, flip flops and sports-watch. I appreciate the fact that the clothes and shoes are durable, let me get sweaty and most importantly keep things in place.

If you are working out in cotton, knock it off. I once thought showing my college pride in cotton shirts and Soffees was stylish, but I ended up sweating in places that I shouldn’t. If for nothing else, buy some actual workout gear so you blend in better and look the sporty part. I love a good poly-spandaxy blend, it allows  things to breathe instead of cling.

And ladies, sports bras are to cover, not to preview.

Running shoes are a basic building block for a runner. I was dying to try Brooks’ kicks but when I went to a local running store, the Nike Triax were best for my tendency to overpronate. My feet are my struggle and to find the right shoes has been gangbusters.

Christmas came early this year when I earned a new pair of kicks! Burned 300+ miles in under a year. Oddly enough I got all excited to get a new brand or style, but experts say go with what you know, so I kept the same Nike Triax model.

Nike gets it right. Haven’t had shorts, t-shirts, pants or pullovers disappoint. The products feel tailored to me. I don’t care if you “just do it” but I personally love the crap out of my gear.


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