What’s with all the running?

I feel like the main question I get once someone figures out that I workout daily or love to go on a good long run ( 60+ min) is, “Why?”

In short, the reason I run is more than to be physically fit, for me it’s the drive to be an athlete and have something I truly enjoy that is all mine. Running is my accomplishment. Everyone has natural competition in them, and running brings that out in me. When I finish a race or a run, I am the one that is the most geeked out. The support of your parents or friends only amplifies your experience. I had no idea I was halfway descent until I finished my first half marathon 119 out of 716.

One of my biggest drivers for running is also the fact that I’m alone with my thoughts. Foot, pavement, me. My job demands constant attention and a lot of what I do has me bouncing all over the place, so to have time where I am not attached to a computer or blackberry is unbelievably relaxing. There is also a moment during a run when your mind goes clear and suddenly I’ll have the best idea for a client or think of something that I have never thought of before.

That's an hour thirty kids, oy gavolt.

Running is the most mindless, yet mental, activity. Mindless in that you are in a motion, but mental in that you have to find your stride so that you relax.  You find a spot where suddenly you are not concerned with miles or time, but you are going at leisure. There are other times when you have to mentally push yourself during mile marker 10 in a long race. Your mind is what keeps your little legs moving, it’s not all strength.

The longest personal run I have gone on, outside of a race, is one hour and thirty minutes. All because Andrew was going on his first hour run, I felt the unnecessary egotistic need to surpass him.

Running is not for everyone. Whether you love to run or despise it with a passion, I hope you are doing something that you enjoy – and maybe are at least attempting a form of exercise.


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