D-I-E-T. Did I Enjoy That?

For the Did I Enjoy That acronym, I know I am not the first to coin this but I don’t have the heart to Google and find out.

I strongly dislike using the word “diet” because some people’s initial reaction is, what do I have to take away? But diet doesn’t have to be associated with something bad. A diet can also mean what Webster has defined as “habitual nourishment.”

Let me be crystal clear here, my goal is not to lose weight or drop pounds, it’s to understand that my workouts should complement my eating habits and that I need to start eating more foods with substance.

There are countless sites, doctors, trainers, etc. that will tell you if you are serious about changing a pattern you should write it down. I don’t have time to keep up with what I am doing in my workouts or diet daily and I certainly didn’t want to pay out the a** for a tool, sorry this gal’s on a budget. I’ve always loved Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong site, a bunch of geniuses over there, and I found a free My Plate tool that I have been using for a couple of weeks now, shocking I know. Trust me, I tried Word, Excel and Twitter and the My Plate tool has stuck. It’s a sweet app that tracks your workouts and your diet, and it has many verified products you’d find in the store so the nutrition info is legit.

My Plate “graphically depicts how much users have consumed during the day, and how close they are to meeting their daily nutritional limits…more comprehensive nutrient intake breakdowns, which enable users to view their daily consumption in greater detail, including a graph of net calories by day, and a complete nutrition breakdown.” In short, it gives you a big fat pie chart saying you are eating way too many carbs and sugar lady.

You enter in what you’re eating and doing for the day and you are able to track your stats by day, week and month. There’s a tracker showing how many calories you’ve consumed versus burned and a daily nutritional breakdown that shows if you are eating too many carbs or maybe too much sugar. Sometimes updating my weekend plate can be a serious bummer on Sunday night.

The biggest benefit to me has been seeing how my hunger takes a serious spike in the afternoon and weekends, truly revolutionary;) Seeing is believing and this has helped me space out what I’m eating to make sure I don’t accidentally eat my stapler in a fit of low blood sugar rage.

If you have any other fun tools I’d love to know what works for you!


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