Breaking Fast

Believe it. I’m eating a proper breakfast. I am not prone to getting in a solid breakfast meal, even though I workout in the morning. Gasp, I know…I know. My Nutrioneer hearkened last night, “um, it’s break-fast.” Thank you Sherlock. He’s making me drink some OJ before I go to the gym to “start the engine.” I have also tried eating a few grapes or a peanut butter cracker. I’m not hungry, but I just need something to get my metabolism to snap out of the slumber.

I am a known grazer, thinking that a few small meals will keep me full. Instead I end up snacking here and there not  getting the nutrients I should be or listening to my body to see if I am actually hungry. My old AM habit for the day, brace yourself, was yogurt or oatmeal and an hour later a granola bar, and then an hour later I was hungry again! Spacing out my breakfast clearly was a FAIL.

My Favorite Cup-le Parfait

Dozens of yummy ideas later, and in-part to the Starbucks Yogurt Parfait, I decided to eat a descent breakfast. Starbucks was on to something with the pioneering concept of fruit, granola and yogurt, but the price-tag was ridic. Following the DIY method I  broke a granola bar in half and sliced up some fruit. Can I trademark that? My cup runneth over. Saves me dough in the wallet and on the waistline. And plus-up, I do feel full longer.

Let’s start thinking more about nutrients: “Nutrient density means foods have a high nutrient content relative to their calories,” says Marisa Moore, R.D., L.D., a spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association. “They are the most efficient way for runners to fill up on essential vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates.” Making nutrient-rich foods the main focus of every meal means runners can properly fuel up for workouts without worrying about adding on pounds.” via Runners World.

And if you are dying to know my trademark Favorite Cup-le Parfait breakfast recipe:
1 cup of fat-free yogurt
1/2 Kashi Go Lean Crunch Bar
1/2 cup fruit of choice (go for what’s in season)

1. Lift lid of yogurt
2. Crumble granola bar into bits and mix
3. Add fruit and mix
4. Clean up the excess yogurt on the counter

One response to “Breaking Fast

  1. I was reading through some of your posts, and they are great. This one was funny just because I think people (including me) overthink things…particularly when it comes to breakfast. It is amazing how much better I feel when I eat a decent sized breakfast…instead of a piece of breakfast every hour. Talk about a waste of time!! Too bad I don’t remember that every few days and space it out…I guess it is hard to break a habit, but I promise one day I’ll do it!

    I actually do the same for breakfast but instead of a granola bar, I just put some cereal on top. The yogurt cup makes it so that I can’t overfill it and eat too much! (because sometimes after my workouts I want to eat anything in site…including the box of cereal).

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