Buzzworthy Pre-Workout Snack: Nutellathon

Haze you tried chocolate hazelnut?

Literally only a few weekends ago I finally learned what that skinny little gorgeous chef Giada has been raving about. Nutella. It’s peanut butter’s darker cousin. Chocolate and hazelnut, um yes please.

I typically follow the mantra, if you aren’t working out for around an hour or more, you don’t need to pack yourself full of Cliff bars and peanut butter. On the weekends when I do my longer runs, I am always looking for a bite that will give me the good energy I need to power through.

Whip out your notebooks kids, not sure if you can get this all down-

1 slice of bread
Smattering (no more than 2 tbsp) of Nutella
Puffin Scoop (a pinch) of Peanut Butter
1 Banana

1. Toast your bread
2. Spread that omnom Nutella on one slice (please avoid licking the knife or putting your finger in the jar)
2. Add your pinch of PB
3. Slice up banana and spread evenly on top of the bread
4. Enjoy – and don’t forget to exercise after


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