There is a little Forrest in all of us.

For no particular reason I just kept on going.

In some ways my better half is better than me. Rather than fight it, after years of trying to assure him that all I would need to survive is People magazine and E! News, Andrew’s rubbed off on me. I don’t typically divulge this type of personal information, so take it for what it’s worth.

In fact, he’s the reason I started running races in the first place. Long story short long, there was a time in MI where he signed up to do a bike race. His excitement for the race was contagious. Immediately my inner-competitor came out and I wanted to match his sporting ability. Since I don’t bike, swim, dance, participate in team sports, etc. I thought about running. A recent foot surgery put me in the pile of people with excuses for not doing something, but after seeing Andy go for a goal, I wanted one too. A classic case of, “anything you can do, I can at least attempt to do better.”

It took Andy four years to get me to go to the gym on a regular basis, so let’s just say that when I said I wanted to race it was not taken seriously. Then out of the blue, I announced I had signed up for my first half-marathon. It was an all-women’s race and I was going to set-out to show him, and myself, I could do it. I finished my first half in 1:59.

Finishing in under two hours on my first go is a feeling that is indescribable, it really is a moment you get to hold all to yourself…until the lactic acid builds up and you feel your super powers fading.

What all this amounts to is more or less the reason behind making a few changes here and there to ultimately better yourself.  This is coming from the person who invented the Pop Tart 10K,  I’ll explain later. Andy’s daily tips and tricks could have him easily be a certified personal trainer or nutritionist, but at the end of the day I am the one that has to actually do the work. So after hearing useful advice #7,625 I thought I could start sharing some of the stuff with you, and maybe taking a little more of what he says to heart.

oh gawd, did I just have a Jerry Maguire moment? I think so. Don’t worry, I’m not gonna do what you all think I’m gonna do, which is, you know, FLIP OUT!

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