The First (and last) Annual Pop Tart 10K

If you know me, you know I run and workout. You might also know that I can sniff out a Hershey Kiss from 100 yards away. I blamed everyone, parents, pop culture, Freshman year, for my sweet tooth. My mom had ROLOS each morning for breakfast when she was pregnant with me, I’m just saying.

Pop Tart 10k

Strawberry frosted guilt.

Roo is constantly looking at me in disbelief amazement when I plow through a plate of cookies in no time. Even science is trying to figure out wth is wrong. We’ve all seen the studies, sugar is crack. Some people like booze, some like to sew, I like to eat sugar. I didn’t really think anything was too wrong with that scenario until the more I started training the more I realized that eating sugar is just stupid. Fine, give me a sin tax, it’s going to take something to get me away from identifying all the major holidays with its candy counterpart. Easter – where’s that Cadbury bunny?? Valentines Day – give me those sugary hearts with those crappy messages on them.

So last weekend I was at my parent’s house and I spotted the Pop Tarts. That beautiful box was waving at me, like an old friend I hadn’t seen since high school. I mean hello, check out the description they list on the website. Packed with 200 damn calories for ONE I really knew better. But for some reason I went for it. I told Roo one, he shot me the eye but I didn’t care – why sacrifice. I wound up eating both of them (omg he caught me and it was awfulness), and after running errands nearby our house I found myself running almost 6 miles home. Sad to think that it takes like 4 miles to burn off that package.

Pop Tart 10k Takeaway: how about not working out to maintain your body. You are going to have make some sacrifices. Some may unfortunately involve sprinkles. But take note, Norak enjoys one Pop Tart each Sunday morning on the way to church. She gives in, but moderately and these things are total awesomeness – no need to banish them completely by any means.


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